What to Expect at a Dental Visit

Do you keep hearing how important it is to go to the dentist poulsbo wa? You’ve taken the first step to find a dentist and make an appointment, but now you don’t know what to expect at your first visit. It is completely normal if the thought of this visit gives you anxiety or make you feel a bit uneasy. Here is some information to help you get an idea of what to expect and feel prepared for your first visit to a new dentist.

Oral Health is a part of YOUR health

The first time you visit the dentist you may be surprised when they ask you questions about the health of your body. The reason is that the health of your teeth is connected to your overall health. One of the first things the dentist may do at your first visit to their clinic is take a full health history. They will ask questions about smoking and alcohol use, ask about your surgical history, and even take your blood pressure.

Routine Visits

If you take good care of your teeth at home and have stable oral health without tooth aches or sensitivity, most of your visits to the dentist should be routine. What does routine mean? A routine visit to the dentist usually involves a dental exam, x-rays, and a thorough professional cleaning. For adults it is recommended to visit the dentist every 6 months for a routine checkup and cleaning.

A routine dental check-up will include:

  • A Dental Exam: This exam usually includes an assessment of your teeth, gums, and tongue. The purpose is to confirm there are no signs of decay or symptoms of disease.
  • X-rays: X-rays are not a part of every dental visit, and whether or not you should expect them at your first visit may depend on if your dentist has x-rays on record for you, any signs observed during the exam, or your age. These X-rays are important because they will help your dentist to identify any issues that may not be visible from the exam. X-rays can help to identify issues with the jawbones, impacted teeth, abscesses, or tooth decay.
  • Professional Cleaning: To finish up the visit your dentist or their dental hygienist will perform a professional cleaning. During the cleaning, tools will be used to remove plaque and tartar buildup from the gum line near the bottom of the teeth. After the plaque is removed from your teeth, they will be polished, rinsed, and cleaned.

How long before your next visit should be scheduled?

When you leave your appointment, the clinic staff will discuss with you when they would like to see you next. Depending on the results of your oral exam, your dentist may need to see you in less than 6 months for another cleaning, a filling, or another treatment procedure. This will be discussed with you at the end of your visit. It is recommended to schedule your next visit as you leave, this will help you maintain regular dental visits.

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