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We're conveniently located in Poulsbo, but conveniently serve Four Corners, Lofall, Breidablick, Scandia, Lemolo, Keyport, Brownsville, Suquamish and Agate Point.

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Dentists at Kitsap Dental Clinic in Poulsbo, WA are dedicated to providing you with high-quality general and cosmetic dentistry in order to support your smile, teeth, and oral health for a lifetime. Our mouth and teeth are such a sensitive area in terms of how we are designed so it is not surprising that how we perceive our oral health has a significant impact on our psychological sense of well-being.

Our Poulsbo team of dentists recognizes and respects the delicate yet complex role our mouths and teeth play in individual quality of life. This ranges from basic function (eating and speaking) to self-perception (confidence and aesthetics). Because of this intricate relationship between health and individual consciousness, our dental focus is on building strong, long-lasting relationships as an important foundation for treating each of our customers. When trust is established, then supporting one’s dental health becomes much easier. This is the ultimate goal at our dentistry practice. Our dentists, along with our entire team, have extremely high standards for our work, and we are committed to excellence.

Our dentists work hard to provide you and your family with gentle, comprehensive dentistry in a friendly, warm atmosphere. Guests are welcome to make themselves feel at home at our cozy little office. But behind the scenes, we have invested in dentistry technologies that allow us to run more efficiently and provide better care to our dental customers. These include things like digital low dose radiation, intraoral photography, and improved communication software between guests and our clinic.

Our Dental Team Builds Strong, Long-Lasting Relationships

Our Poulsbo based dental teams enjoys caring for people of all ages. While it seems like we should be focused on teeth, the reality is we are in the business of caring for people based on strong dental relationships. The mouth is our stage and your trust is our theatre.

We invite you to bring your entire family to our dental office for a comfortable and genuine dentistry experience.

Our Dental Team Cares

Poulsbo's Kitsap Dental Clinic offers a wide range of dental services. Our dentists believe the most important service we provide is preventative in nature. There are many things we can “see” in a person’s mouth. Perhaps the two most widely seen disease states are caries (cavities/decay) and periodontal disease. Not everyone is affected to the same degree so determining one’s risk for developing these diseases must be determined. When an individual’s risk for developing disease is high, education becomes paramount.

One of the most frustrating and heartbreaking things to witness in dentistry is when the disease state is left unchecked and extensive dentistry is carried out in higher risk individuals. This combination results in:

  • premature loss of restorative dental work,
  • increased cost to the patient,
  • unnecessary retreatment of dentistry,
  • and ultimately, loss of teeth, function, and possible depression.

Our Dentists Believe

When dentistry is required, it is often inconvenient to patients when basic dental services and surgical procedures are not offered at one clinic. For this reason, you will find we offer a wide range of basic procedures available to each patient.

  1. In terms of a basic filling, much thought has also been placed in the types of high quality dental materials we use.
  2. Dentistry has a flood of new materials and technologies but as a rule, we tend to use those materials that have been most widely studied and accepted as the gold standard in research seen in dental research literature today.
  3. Our dentists also incorporate additional steps to help ensure longevity of our work, particularly in the backdrop of basic materials science where nothing that ‘isn’t natural’, lasts forever.

Comprehensive Dentistry in a Family Friendly Atmosphere

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We're Conveniently Located In Poulsbo, But Conveniently Serve Four Corners, Lofall, Breidablick, Scandia, Lemolo, Keyport, Brownsville, Suquamish And Agate Point.