Will an Emergency Dentist Extract a Tooth?

The most common oral injuries are cracked, fractured, or lost teeth. When a tooth is cracked, fractured, or loosened as a result of an accident, emergency dentist poulsbo washington may be needed. While every injury is unique, there are some common emergency dental treatment approaches to help treat these injuries. In some cases, an emergency tooth extraction may be necessary. Below is more information on emergency dentistry services and some details on when emergency tooth extractions may be necessary.

When is an Emergency Tooth Extraction Needed?

Dentists do their best to help maintain and preserve your natural teeth. This is true for emergency dentists too. Tooth extractions are never the first choice, but in some situations, an extraction may be the best choice. When an oral injury is severe or when oral health has deteriorated, an emergency tooth extraction may be needed. Here are some examples of situations that may be require an emergency tooth extraction:

  • Infected tooth: Infections in the gums and teeth can spread quickly and if left untreated, they can cause serious damage, tooth loss, and pain. Treating infections is important not only for overall health but to saving an infected tooth. If an infected tooth is not treated, it may be necessary to remove the tooth to prevent further spread of the infection. If you have a tooth you think may be infected it is important to visit your dentist as soon as possible.
  • Oral injury: An accidental oral injury may result in the need for an emergency tooth extraction. The emergency dentist will do their best to preserve a damaged tooth, but if it is not possible, they will have to remove it to prevent future infection. If an emergency tooth extraction is necessary, your dentist will quickly develop a treatment plan to not only remove the tooth, but also quickly replace it and restore your smile.
  • Decayed teeth: When decayed teeth are left untreated, overtime an infection may develop in the center of the tooth, the gums, or surrounding tissue. If a decayed tooth gets infected, it will need to be removed, and sometimes this infection happens quickly and requires an emergency extraction. If your dentist has discussed with you having a decayed tooth removed, don’t hesitate to address the issue promptly.
  • Gum disease: When gum disease worsens overtime, the diseased tissue will become loose. Loose and infected gums eventually lead to unsupported and unstable teeth. In some situations, the best way to treat gum disease is to remove teeth to help the bone and tissue health. If you have gum disease, you should consider available treatment options to prevent the loss of teeth in the future.

Do You Need an Emergency Tooth Extraction?

If you have an emergency issue with your gums or teeth causing pain, swelling, or bleeding, you should contact your dentist immediately. Your dentist will help you determine If your issue will require emergency services, or if you can wait for a normal visit to the dentist. It may be scary, but the sooner you have your issue treated, the better, and you may avoid needing to have a tooth extracted if you act quickly. If it is after normal business hours and you are worried, call anyway! Many dental offices provide emergency information to help guide you to find appropriate help and services.

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