Fix Cracked Teeth

Having a cracked tooth can be extremely unsettling. A cracked tooth can happen unexpectedly from an accident, such as a face or head injury, or from just simple everyday “wear and tear”. Luckily, cracked teeth can be repaired in a variety of ways depending on the extent of the damage. Make sure to consult with your dentist as soon as you are aware of any cracked teeth.

Causes of Cracked Teeth

Teeth will often become cracked from an injury. Common injuries such as contact sports injuries involving impact to the mouth can cause teeth to crack. Other everyday activities such as jaw clenching, teeth grinding and eating hard foods like ice or candy can contribute to cracked teeth, as well. Everyday wear and tear on the teeth is a common cause of teeth cracks, too. Over time small repetitive motions in the oral cavity can eventually cause small cracks which grow and become more noticeable, eventually.

Symptoms of A Cracked Tooth

With a cracked tooth it is very likely that you will feel it. Teeth actually have a kind of pulp inside and this pulp contains blood vessels and nerves. So, for example, if you feel a sudden onset of pain when eating or drinking something that is very hot or very cold this can be a sign of a cracked tooth. Intermittent pain when you are chewing is another symptom of having a cracked tooth.

If a Tooth Cracks All The Way in Half

Call a dentist immediately if you have a tooth that has cracked all the way in half. And, of course, make sure to let the office know you have a tooth that is cracked all the way in half. A broken tooth needs to be addressed immediately to avoid any infection. Infection can start in the pulp of a tooth and spread into the gums and even into the bones below the teeth. If for any reason you cannot visit the dentist immediately take extra care when following your normal oral health care routine until you can go to the dentist.

Fixing Cracked Teeth

In the case of a cracked tooth, the sooner you are able to visit the dentist to be evaluated, the better. If addressed early enough sometimes a cracked tooth can be saved. In evaluating a cracked tooth the dentist will be able to determine the ideal treatment for saving and/or treating your cracked tooth. Some common treatments for fixing cracked teeth include:

  • Bonding: If only a small portion of filling or tooth enamel has broken or chipped off, you will likely need only some bonding or a new filling.
  • Crown: In some cases where a small portion of tooth has been broken off, the remainder of your tooth can often be protected and restored with a filling or crown (placed over the remaining tooth.)
  • Endodontic Surgery: In cases where there is a severe fracture in the tooth endodontic surgery might be needed. In this treatment the fractured part of the tooth is removed in order to protect the undamaged part of the tooth and the pulp.
  • Root Canal or Extraction: In cases where the cracking extends all the way down into the tooth’s pulp, a root canal or full extraction may be needed.

Cracking a tooth can be traumatic, but luckily there are various restoration and treatment options. Do make sure to consult with your dentist as soon as you realize your tooth is cracked.

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