Emergency Tooth Extraction

Accidents happen and sometimes these accidents turn into dental emergencies. Whether it is an infected tooth, an oral injury, or a tooth abscess some dental emergencies result in the need for an emergency tooth extraction by Kitsap Dental Clinic Poulsbo. No one is expecting an emergency tooth extraction, and certainly no one wants to have one. Regardless of why you made need an emergency tooth removal, if you find yourself in this situation, the best thing you can do is be prepared. Below is more information about dental emergencies and what steps you can take if you need an emergency extraction.

Emergency Dental Services

Having an idea of where you can go to find emergency dental services is a great way to be prepared. Does your dentist provide emergency dental services? If you aren’t sure, the next time you go to your dentist you should ask. If your dentist does not provide any emergency services, you should ask them for recommendations for dental emergencies. If you have an oral emergency and don’t know where to go, don’t panic, there are options available to you. First, call your regular dentist’s office and see if they provide emergency services. If it is during normal business hours, your dental office may be able to assess the injury over the phone and provide advice on next steps. If it is after normal business hours, the voicemail recording may provide a phone number you should call in case of an emergency.

Dental emergencies that may result in extraction

While emergency dental extractions are not common, they do sometimes happen. Here are the emergencies that sometimes result in the need for an emergency extraction:

  • Impacted wisdom teeth. Sometimes wisdom teeth that are impacted, meaning they have not fully broken the surface of the gumline, can lead to the development of a cyst trapped under the tissue. Impacted wisdom teeth that are causing a cyst or serious pain should be removed immediately.
  • Infected teeth. When left untreated, tooth decay can eventually lead to a tooth infection. Infected teeth are painful and can cause puss to develop in the center of the tooth. An infected tooth can be very dangerous and may result in an infection that can spread through the whole body.
  • Oral accident. If an accident or injury to the mouth occurs, it may not necessarily need to be fixed with an emergency dental procedure. In many cases, oral injuries can be fixed through a regular dental procedure. However, if a tooth is cracked below the gum line, the tooth maybe beyond saving and an emergency tooth extraction may be necessary.

Emergency extraction procedure

The tooth extraction procedure can be performed quickly with very little pain. Your dentist will administer an oral numbing agent directly to the treated area prior to extracting the tooth to minimize pain. After the procedure is complete your surgeon or dentist will provide instructions on how to manage pain, reduce swelling, and keep the treated area clean. After you are fully recovered you can meet with your dentist to discuss possible tooth replacement options.

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