The Cost of a Root Canal Procedure

When the center of the tooth becomes damaged or diseased, a root canal treatment may be necessary. A root canal procedure can be essential in saving a tooth that otherwise may be lost. The center of the tooth, called the root, may be damaged in a number of ways, including by decay overtime or an unexpected accident or injury. Regardless of the cause of the damage, A root canal may be the perfect solution for saving the damaged tooth. But what should you expect the root canal procedure to cost? Here are some tips to help get an estimate of the cost of the root canal procedure.

Estimated Costs of a Root Canal Procedure and Factors that Impact the Cost

Not many people plan ahead for the cost of an emergency dental procedure. In general, the cost of a root canal procedure can range from $750 to $1,200. Understanding why this cost can vary may help you plan ahead for an unexpected dental emergency.

  • Location: One of the biggest factors that influences the cost of a root canal is the location of the tooth needing treatment. In general, a root canal in a front tooth will cost less than a root canal in the back of the mouth. Molars in the back of the mouth may be also more expensive to treat because they often have more than one root, even up to three. The more roots removed during the procedure the more the procedure will cost.
  • Geographic Location: Costs of dental treatment are also influenced by where you live. Living closer to the coasts may mean paying higher prices for dental procedures than living in the middle of the country.
  • Severity: How badly damaged a tooth is may impact the costs of the treatment. The more severely damaged a tooth is, the more work that may need to be done to treat it. If the root canal happens shortly after the infection it will be easier to treat the damage. If the infection has become severe, the cost of the root canal and work to repair the tooth may be higher. The worst-case scenario is that the damage has become so severe that a root canal is no longer possible, and treatment may include paying for an extraction and an artificial implant.
  • Previous damage: If the damaged tooth has been previously repaired then more work will be needed to treat it a second time. For example, a tooth that was drilled into previously will likely need an artificial crown during the second procedure. The price of the second repair will likely be higher due to the need of the extra work and the artificial crown.

Whether a root canal is needed in an emergency or to treat a tooth that is decaying and is becoming more damaged over time, the cost of the procedure can vary greatly. The best way to estimate the cost of a root canal you need is to have a discussion with your dentist. The biggest tip to remember is that the longer you wait, the more a root canal may cost in the end.

What is the Root Canal Procedure?